If Lies Could Kill

i am shaking right now after talking with husband on the phone…i have never felt sooo angry and sooo frustrated that i almost blurted out all the cuss words there is to say to him…i was forced to talk to him now because i can no longer hold back the anger that has been slowly building up…

i directly asked him for the complete name of his other woman…the one he has been chatting with five years ago up until now…he gave me  a completely different name and tried to downplay it by saying that he really didn’t know what her real name was, only her nickname….i also had to ask numerous times for the woman’ mobile phone…before he gave it to me, he even warned me not to bother the woman anymore since he said they are no longer in contact with each other…yeah right!  you’ve been chatting with her over the weekend…it took him so long before he gave the number to me…i think long enough for him to have warned her about me…so i called up the girl’s phone, set it on loudspeaker so that husband can hear thru the other line…when my call finally pushed thru, she did not even bother to say anything…just kept on listening to my voice…i called her again but this time, number can no longer be reached…

if my hands could only reach her from my phone to hers, i would have gladly bitch-slapped the whore to the ground…both of you have been making a fool out of me for the past 5 years!

hearing him deny and downplaying everything makes me so fucking mad!  to say that i am livid is an understatement…i have read every single detail of your chat conversations…everything!

you have been very busy painting me as the immoral wife when all that i ever did was be loyal to you…my life revolved around the kids…around family…while you on the other hand set up two different facades…all those years you have been lying straight to my face…pretending to be all godly when you really are not…even when presented with evidence, even if i have to forcibly shove it down your throat, all i still hear are denials…

if lies could kill, i am starting to feel immortal…starting to feel that i have been given a thousand lives ‘coz i am still here even after all of husband’s constant lies…


and yeah, here is the woman’s details:

+ 63 09488463828

FB account:  Tsikae Strawb

name:  Maria Talandong  (as per husband—which i highly doubt is her real name)

nickname:  Franz

location:  Digos, Davao Philippines

characteristics:  fat, has a mole on her upper lip just right below her big nose

go ahead and be my guest…feel free to contact her…i am done with being discrete…karma is truly a bitch…and so are YOU!

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